Deer Hunting SMF All Over Prints



Our Three-Layers Protection is designed to create a barrier to protect you from the environment around you, while also keeping you comfortable and confident.

  • The design will never fade.
  • Contoured and adjustable for a comfortable fit.
  • Unisex (Adult) Sizing.
  • Machine Washable/Reusable.
  • Moisture-Weakening.
  • Three layers, including Pocket filter for adding PM 2.5 filter.
  • Comes with the filter.
  • The outer layer is high-quality 3D printed poly-cotton that restricts water absorption, the middle layer is a pocket filter for adding PM 2.5 filter and the inner layer is soft cotton, which makes it easier to breathe when wearing.
  • Usually, one filter can be used for 30 days, It is recommended to change at any time during heavy pollution periods